We provide Home Watch & Concierge Services. Weekly & bi-weekly home checks are done to ensure a seasonal resident/absentee owner’s home is safe & secure. I do a full inspection to ensure there are no leaks, mold, pest infestation, check pool pumps & sprinklers to make sure they are programmed correctly, visually check to make sure maintenance is getting done timely, i.e., landscapers are showing up, pool cleaners, pest control, etc.

In addition, if an issue is noticed, I can immediately notify the home owner and we can get it resolved. This is where Vendor Coordination comes in. Sometimes we are needed to coordinate and ensure repairs or maintenance on items are done in a timely & efficient manner.

Finally, we can stock your fridge for you when you are coming back so that you don’t have to stress about what to get for dinner or breakfast. We can pick up packages, flowers, most anything that you would like to have at your home before or at your arrival.

Bonded & Insured.


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3273 Maple Hammock Drive, Sarasota

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