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Jaime Marco and Kara Noreika founders of When SHE Happens

About When SHE Happens

Navigating the networking scene as a woman isn’t always easy. So many rules, time commitments, high costs, and not only that – it’s not always effective! Add family and personal commitments and actual WORK, it can feel nearly impossible. As two women in business who experienced these same challenges, we wanted to change the world of networking amongst women and make it “even” better. 

We know that in today’s world the need and desire for women to connect has never been greater. The power that comes from the inspiration, learning, like-minded conversations around success and challenges when connecting with other women, is undeniable one of the greatest powers that can be.  That’s why we founded When She Happens. 


We are Jaime Marco and Kara Noreika and welcome to When She Happens.  In 2018, we were determined to connect with women in our local area in a more fun and sustainable way. Through hosting fun events, we were able to connect with so many incredible women building a database of over 200 local women who also felt the need for that connection. Then 2020 happened.  As we all know, that changed everything. Like many, we had to pivot. Initially we moved to a virtual networking group and highlighted our members through interviews and connected through online socials. It was then that we realized an even bigger need for women to network. An online resource where women from all over the world could connect with others for a collective energy revolving around learning, challenges, empowerment, support, mentorship, and so much more.   This led to the creation of the W, the premier guide for women in business.


The W highlights the leading women across industries in a multitude of their careers. The goal is to foster and create a world class network of women in business where you get connected with, make connections and learn new skills. It’s for women who wish to gain new business opportunities through word of mouth. It is great for widening your network and finding new opportunities.

Connections are everything. As ambassadors of connection, our goal for the W is to provide a place where like-minded women can come to build their network on their own terms.  

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