During your private sessions (virtually over a secure network), you will experience a powerful combination of subconscious guidance, additionally you will be taught neuro-restructuring techniques that will enable you to recognize symptoms, release the causal events, and implement coping strategies, which ultimately allows for release of the causal events, while feeling self-empowered and in control.

How Shana can help YOU? The possibilities are almost endless.

Most of our issues are in our own minds. Shana utilizes a combination of Hypnosis, NLP, EFT and Mindset Coaching which offer a way to break down old and unwanted beliefs and barriers in a unique program she has created called The Mindset Upgrade Program. This powerful program is based on her 14 plus years of helping clients and will enable you to conquer your stress, worries and fears, remove habits and improve self-belief and confidence.

Everything about The Mindset Upgrade Program is designed to produce lasting results and a higher quality of life. The program is created to give you as much care as you personally need to achieve your goal.

?In fact, thatÂ’s why you are offered a FREE Confidential Discovery Session before you even begin.

Your needs will be properly assessed and the program will be tailored specifically for you to help you say goodbye to all of those things that were blocking you, those anxious responses, frustrations, and even sleepless nights!


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Shana Rosenthal

Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Mindset Success Coach

Shana Rosenthal is an internationally renowned Award-Winning Certified Hypnotist, Certified Instructor and Mindset Success Coach. She specializes in providing professional, modern subconscious mindset programming and guides her clients to make profound improvements in their lives by helping them overcome emotional issues, blocks, fears, phobias and habits.


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