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When SHE Happens is going NATIONAL!

Wow! What an amazing three years it has been running When SHE Happens with friend and business partner, Jaime Marco.

To summarize: Jaime and I were high school acquaintances who reconnected in Sarasota, FL, 20 years later (eek!). We each own our own business – Jaime is the mastermind behind Evolve Business Consulting and I whip people into digital shape with my company, Tamberra Web Development. We had both been around the networking block, to put it politely, and we were OVER the status quo of networking events, groups, and RULES.  Jaime and I had found so much value in networking and nurturing our relationships with local women in business, that we knew we couldn’t step away from it, but we also couldn’t happily participate in networking’s current format.


We created When SHE Happens. No rules networking that is more about relationships than referrals. It’s no secret that when you choose someone to do business with, it’s because you like and/or trust that person.  Abandoning the time-consuming churn of mandatory attendance, we started creating events that women can go to… wait for it…  whenever they want to.  We have done a large variety of in-person (and now online) events connecting women, building relationships, and as a result building referrals. Our goal has always been to inspire and be inspired by the amazing women we surround ourselves with.

Now, after much success locally, we are ready to take this incredible journey of women connecting to the National stage.

As WSH has evolved, so has our mission. We want to connect the world (or to start, the nation), and let them know about the fabulous women in business in their local area. Our goal is to promote you, connect you, and cheerlead for you as build your relationships and your business. Our goal is to be the #1 resource of national women in business.

What does this mean for you? To start, this isn’t some hidden directory where you have to sign up and only have access to other members. As a part of When SHE Happens, the world can see who you are and what you do. If someone wants to connect with you, there will be opportunities through your directory listing, social media, featured blogs, newsletters, podcasts, featured listings,  advertising and interviews, like our series featuring women in business –  That’s What She Said, and our new series featuring amazing women who have overcome obstacles against the odds “..and So She Did“. The opportunities for you to connect and build your brand, your business and your relationships are endless.

We can’t wait to connect with the millions of women in business, and are so thankful to have already connected with you.

To get the most out of your membership, please be sure to make sure your listing is up by submitting here.

Thanks to the women who have been a part of the When SHE Happens journey so far – we appreciate you!




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