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Sign Greeters - When She Happens

Wouldn’t you love for a Sign Greeters Birdie to deliver smiles to your yard? Sign Greeters brings yard greeting joy to any occasion – birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, baby showers, bar/bat mitzvahs, proposals, weddings, you name it! No matter the celebration, our Sign Greeters Birdies have your yards covered, literally!

If you are looking for the perfect yard greeting or birthday yard sign in Sarasota, Sandie, Linda, and their Sign Greeters Birdies have you covered! Sign Greeters creates yard art to help you celebrate your special day in an unforgettable way. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, baby shower, bar/bat mitzvah, anniversary, or any other celebration, Sign Greeters has big, fun yard signs that are sure to make everyone smile!

Sandie and Linda are best friends who are so excited to be in business together. Sandie lives in Lakewood Ranch with her husband Larry and Linda lives in Sarasota with her husband Rob. Both Sandie and Linda have adult children, including Sandie’s daughter Stacie, who is the Co-Founder of Sign Greeters! Sandie and Linda are excited to deliver happiness to yards in Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Osprey, Sarasota, and Venice.

List of Services

Yard Signs
Yard Art
Yard Greetings
Yard Cards

Yard Signs
Yard Art
Yard Greetings
Yard Cards

Bridget Shuel-Walker: “Their customer service was over the top ! Highly recommend them! “

Howard Dobbins: “Fantastic job! I will recommend them to everyone looking for a great gift to put a smile on someone’s face . I will use Sign Greeters again! Thank you for the great job! “

Mike Turner: “I contacted Sign Greeters at the last minute for my wife’s Birthday and they responded very quickly to assemble a great display in our yard. I would highly recommend their services !”

Kammy Tallon: “Absolutely amazing sign and job. Great surprise for 5 year old to see. It was fun for the whole neighborhood since her birthday is on Halloween. Highly recommend!“

Deb E: “ Sandie and Linda went above and beyond in the baby shower sign. I sent them a copy of the invitation to reference the theme and the sign matched it down to the VW bug. Would definitely recommend them and use them again! “

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Search When SHE Happens for fabulous events and fabulous women in business.



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