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Positioning Marketing Expert - When She Happens

Patty Dominguez is the founder of Positioning to Profit. She helps small business owners establish their Category of One status making their competition irrelevant. She also hosts a thriving community of female entrepreneurs over in Prolific Cafe. She and the Mavens, as they are affectionately known, focus on creating a collaborative network to help build each other’s businesses.

Patty Dominguez, founder of Positioning to Profit, is a best-selling author, advisor and a contributing marketing expert. Her work has been featured on Smart Business, Investor’s Business Daily, NY Daily News, and American Express Open Forum to name a few. Prior to 2013, she worked in Fortune 50 and management consulting, most recently as head of Global Agency Strategy. Over her corporate tenure, she has managed a billion dollars in marketing spend. She now helps entrepreneurs and small business owners claim their “Category of One” status based on their unique abilities.

List of Services

Positioning Marketing Strategy
Online Marketing
Moving business from offline to online
Coaching for Female entrepreneurs looking to create a profitable online presence

Days / Hours that you are open

Because my coaching is worldwide and online – my hours are: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm CST

Content Marketing Strategy
Online Marketing

“I’ve spoken to a lot of people who promised to help me… Patty Dominguez is the real deal. She gets in my head of what I want to do for my business and makes it happen… I cannot recommend Patty enough…”

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo
America's Most Requested Celebrity Psychologist ,

“So many different ideas came forth. I was stuck trying to do everything alone.

I love working with her because she’s fun. If you are on the fence at all, Patty is your girl. I highly endorse her!”

Dr. Christine Kaczmar
The Digestion Doc, Founder of,

“It has been life changing working with you… I have more control over my time, I am more focused.

Patty is a dynamite in the industry. She’s your friend, ally, and mentor…”

Yelena Kalendareva
Founder & Owner, Aneley Cosmetics & Elite Products Academy

Let's face it, in todays business world you need a serious edge to come up with wins over and over. Patty Dominguez is definitely our favorite "serious edge" for our businesses.

Her ability to gauge exactly what marketing strategy to use is uncanny and continually performs super well for us.
Dr. Darci Stotts,
Co-Founder of


"Patty is by far one of the most incredible human beings I have ever had the pleasure to connect with in business and on a personal level.

When Patty started assisting me with my personal brand she truly brought out my vision in so many ways with her creativity and innovative style.

She works with heart and integrity and I am blessed to still continue my journey with her. I highly recommend this woman, she can literally do anything!"

- Tara Romano, Founder of Tone & Tease

Evolve the Business

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